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Branded Tin with sweets/treats

Price £1.45

Branded Tin with sweets/treats

Min Qty: 100

Lead Time: From 6 days

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Branded Tin with sweets/treats

A variety of sweets to add to your branded tin. We place these sweets/treats in a small silver tin and topped with your chosen logo, artwork, picture or message.
Why don’t you surprise your guests with a simple readymade jelly beans little gift? This mini tin comes filled with the perfect goodies for your conferences, board meetings, exhibitions or even giving your clients a little something to remind them of your business.
We suggest that you personalise it up with your logo, artwork, picture or a simple thank you message placed on top of your tin. Everyone likes a little giveaway to take home.

Options: Jelly beans, Jelly babies, mini marshmallows

Additional Information

Weight: 45g
Printing Area: 45mm
Shelf Life: 6 months


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