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Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Price £0.95

Sweet bags filled with yummy, fluffy heart shaped marshmallows.

Min Qty: 25

Lead Time: From 5 days

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The sweet bags are full of yummy, fluffy marshmallows. A clear filled bag with soft, white and pink marshmallow hearts. Personalised bag with your logo, artwork, picture or even your special client’s names. This Personalised bag of marshmallows is excellent for the table at your events, exhibitions, conferences or meetings. Also great to add to a cup of Hot Chocolate after these events. The best part is we can brand each bag for you. These could be used for any of your conference meetings, exhibitions, special events you name it! We suggest that you personalise it up because everyone likes a little something to take home just for them



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Printing Area: 45mm
Shelf Life: 12 months


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